Wholesale FAQs

After 70 years in business and months of careful thought, we’ve made the difficult decision to cease manufacturing our products in Melbourne, Australia. 

Although we have ceased manufacturing, Rodriquez - The Tea Towel People will still operate as a business. We plan on looking into alternative options to conduct business, however, we envision an appropriate alternative (if one can be found) could only be plausible some time well beyond 2023. Effective immediately, manufacturing in Melbourne has ceased and all stock on hand is final. 


Why are we ceasing manufacturing? 

There have been many contributing factors for this change to take place. Those factors include but are not limited to: 






Question: When will you cease manufacturing?

Answer: Manufacturing has already ceased, meaning we are no longer manufacturing tea towels, aprons or tote bags. All stock available on our website is final, once designs sell out we will not be printing more to replace them. 


Question: Does this mean you'll be closing your factory in Melbourne? 

Answer: Yes, the building the factory is situated in has been sold and we are working on liquidating equipment.  


Question: When will you run out of products? 

Answer: It's not possible for us to predict this, once styles sell out, they will not be replaced. 


Question: Do you still offer overprint services?

Answer: No, overprint services are no longer available. Any purchase made by one of our Overprint customers will be fulfilled with the original products only, no further customisation will be applied. 


Question: Do wholesale orders still need to meet MOQ requirements? 

Answer: Yes, wholesale orders need to include a minimum of 30 items ($290 total value) to be eligible for wholesale prices. 


Question: Are there any changes to the payment terms? 

Answer: No, payment terms remain the same - payment due 30 days from the end of the month your order is placed within. 


Question: Are there any changes to postage? 

Answer: No, postage fees and timeframes remain the same as usual. 


Question: Are you still taking requests for custom jobs? 

Answer: No, we are no longer able to print existing custom jobs on our records, or take on new custom job requests. 


Question: What's next for Rodriquez - The Tea Towel People?

Answer: We will continue to sell our products until we sell out of stock. Once all stock has been purchased, we will tie up loose ends regarding the factory building. We will continue to hold Rodriquez as a business and consider other ways of operating in the future. If a viable alternative can be found we will of course, reach out to our previous customers to let them know of any future changes. 

In the immediate future however, we're hoping to fulfil your orders with the designs and products you love and that we love to make for you.