A Mystery Pack of Happy Mistakes - Small (2 Tea Towels)

A Mystery Pack of Happy Mistakes - Small (2 Tea Towels)

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When you do traditional hand printing as we do here at Rodriquez, small misprints are inevitable. Most people wouldn’t even notice them, but our printers do. 

For the first time, we’re making our seconds available for purchase in generously discounted mystery boxes. 

Each box contains a mix of tea towels that have very minor printing errors. There’s no actual defect in the linen fabric, only in colour registration or image alignment. The design could be from the Rodriquez heritage collection or any of our ranges like Red Tractor, Renee Treml, or indigenous art designs. 

The one thing you can be guaranteed of is that 100% natural linen tea towels are the best you can get.

Available in three sizes they’re the perfect way to add a little mystery to your day.