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Renée Treml - Wombat & Animals

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Wombat habitat spans forests and grassland areas of southern and eastern Australia including Tasmania, they are difficult to spot in the wild, because they are mostly active at night. 

Wombats are great burrowers that use their powerful claws and sharp front teeth to dig extensive, well-hidden tunnels. For this reason, they have evolved with a backward-facing pouch that doesn't catch the dirt while they are busy digging.


Renée Treml is an artist, author and environmentalist who lives on the Victorian Surf Coast. Originally from the USA, Renée moved to Australia in 2007, where she was immediately captivated by the unique wildlife in this country.The wombat is one of her favourite animals and appears in several of her books.

Renée creates children’s books and illustrations that tell stories about animals and native birds in the Australian environment. She has won and been nominated for numerous awards including the Environment Award for Children’s Literature.

Rodriquez has the exclusive licence to print Renée Treml Tea Towels and Aprons.

This design is also available as an apron.


    Tea towels

    - 100% pure linen made from the finest flax

    - Cut, sewn and printed in Melbourne, Australia

    - Printed with water-based natural pigment dyes

    - Lint Free

    - Super absorbent

    Pinnies, aprons & totes

    - 100% cotton canvas

    - Printed with water-based natural pigment dyes

    - Cut, sewn and printed in Melbourne, Australia

    Shipping & Returns


    Tea towels

    46cm X 80cm approx.

    Adult aprons

    60cm X 81cm approx.


    60cm X 60cm approx.

    Kids apron

    70cm (long) x 51cm (wide) approx.

    Care Instructions

    - Warm machine wash with like colours

    - We recommend not over-loading your washing machine, so the product has enough room to move freely during the wash

    - Some shrinkage may occur with the first wash

    - Do not bleach

    - Rinse well

    - Normal spin

    - Line drying is preferred to maintain the integrity of the fibres

    - Steam iron with a medium heat

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    Bill Atchison

    Wife is very happy with tea towel. Will be returning for more later


      We're proud to create all of our products in Australia. From the cutting of the linen and canvas, to screen printing and sewing, each product is created beginning to end in Melbourne, Australia.


      We really are The Tea Towel People and have been for 70 years. As a third-generation, family owned and operated business, we've made tea towels and kitchenware our speciality.


      Every tea towel we create is made of 100% pure linen so you can rest assured you're purchasing tea towels that are super absorbent, feels great and will last a lifetime.