With their short, hairy bodies and koala-like nose, the Wombat is a popular mammal in Australian children's books. Although their habitat spans forests and grassland areas of southern and eastern Australia including Tasmania, they are difficult to spot in the wild, because they are mostly active at night. 

Wombats are great burrowers that use their powerful claws and sharp front teeth to dig extensive, well-hidden tunnels. For this reason, they have evolved with a backward-facing pouch that doesn't catch the dirt while they are busy digging.

This classic Rodriquez design is part of the Australian animal collection that also includes the koala, kangaroo, echidna and platypus.

  • 100% pure linen made from the finest flax.
  • Printed with water-based natural pigment dyes
  • Cut, sewn and printed in Melbourne, Australia
  • Lint Free
  • Super absorbent
  • Size 46cm X 80cm

Washing & Care Instructions

  • Warm machine wash with like colours
  • We recommend not over-loading your washing machine, so the product has enough room to move freely during the wash
  • Some shrinkage may occur with the first wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Rinse well
  • Normal spin
  • Line drying is preferred to maintain the integrity of the fibres
  • Steam iron with a medium heat